We all know it is sensible to take breaks while using a computer for extended periods of time, in order to prevent eyestrain, stiff neck, headaches, back aches, and RSI. Sometimes you forget to rest because you are immersed in your work.

Rest can remind you to take such breaks. Simply specify the amount of time you want to work between breaks, the length of the breaks, and how you want to be notified when a break is due.

The application resides in the status area of your Mac’s menu bar, out of the way. It displays an icon and the current mode (Work or Break) along with a countdown of the minutes left.


The application will remind you to take a break at the specified intervals by a popup message and/or sound (also in Notification Center if your OS supports it).


Get up, walk around, relax, grab a drink or have a stretch before returning to your computer.

If you don’t want to stop working immediately when a break reminder appears, you can stop the countdown or postpone the break a little longer.



Rest is not meant to be a replacement for medical advice by a qualified professional and should not be used as such. It will not prevent any illness or discomfort brought about by misuse of your computer.