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Shutdown provides you with the ability to shutdown, restart, sleep or log off your Mac at specific times on specific days.

Shut down, restart, sleep or log off
- On a specific date at a specific time.
- Every day of the week at a specific time.
- Every weekend at a specific time.
- Every weekday at a specific time.
- Any day at a specific time.

For convenience the application can be run automatically when your Mac starts (check the option “Add this application to your log-in items”).

When you run the application it resides in your menu bar.

In order for some speech options to work you'll need the speech software installed (this should be in most OS X installations by default).


Set which days/date and times you want to shutdown/log off/reboot etc:


Make your computer shutdown after 'x' hours and/or 'x' minutes:


The optional confirmation message prior to a shutdown occurring: