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When lets you keep a list of events and shows you when they are due, or in the case of past events when they occurred. When you start the app it can alert you of events due within a specified number of days.

You can make the app’s window hide on start up (just click it’s icon to show it again). This is useful if you add the app to your login items to start it when your computer starts.


Events consist of a date, description, some notes, a category and the number of days you would like to be alerted prior to the event occurring. In the list, events can be filtered by category using the popup menu at the top left of the screen, and similarly filtered by using the search box (top right). When using this search box, the description and notes field are used in the search.

Furthermore, you can display today, future or past events only using the popup menu at the bottom right of the screen. Alternatively, click the icon to the right of that popup menu to quickly cycle through the options.