Some of our apps are in the App Store (Mac and iOS), while others can be downloaded and purchase from this site (they are trials, see below).

If you experience a security message when attempting to run our apps, go to System Preferences, Security & Privacy and under "Allow apps downloaded from" and choose "Anywhere". If you do not want to change your security settings you can right-click on the app and select "Open".

Trial software

Trial software can be downloaded and purchased via this site. They are available for you to fully evaluate before purchasing a license code. They are often restricted in some way. Buying a license removes those restrictions. You can download and/or buy a license code for an app by clicking the download and/or buy buttons. Ensure your email client (software) does not classify our email (or its content) as spam (check your junk mail/deleted folders).

Only purchase from the links on this site - no one else is authorised to sell our software. You will need internet access and an email address to which we can send your license. Your browser must have JavaScript enabled.

Once you have purchased a license code, we will email it to you. This email should be sent to you within 24 hours. We are in the United Kingdom. If we receive an order between 9am and 6pm GMT we respond within a few hours. Orders are processed manually. Please be patient if we receive your order outside of our working hours, we usually cannot deal with it until the time mentioned above. Sometimes this may be the following day.
Please keep your downloaded software, license and all emails backed up to a safe place.

We will send you a license code which you can enter into the app.

Downloads (and updates) are in ZIP format so you will need software to un-archive them.
User manuals are in PDF format so you will need software to view them, unless you can view them in your browser.


The price of our apps on the Mac App Store may be cheaper than purchasing a license directly from this site due to the fact that we need to put more effort into marketing and selling our own apps rather than letting Apple handle all that side of things.

Buy from us, or the App Store?

Reasons to buy from us include being able to receive updates to our apps as soon as we fix bugs and add features. When we submit an app to Apple for inclusion in their store (including updates) the app has to be reviewed and can be held up for weeks or even rejected. Sometimes we will have to remove an app from the Mac App Store because we simply refuse to change it or remove features just to please Apple.

Reasons to buy from the Mac App Store include being able to receive a refund (from Apple) - as we do not refund, and being able to quickly update and install apps via the App Store.


For apps purchased in the Mac App Store you need to contact iTunes support as they actually sold you the goods.

We do not offer refunds for apps NOT purchased in the Mac App Store. These are available as trial versions from our own website and allow you to evaluate them before purchasing.

User manuals

User manuals are in PDF format so you will need software to view them, unless you can view them in your browser.

Contact us

If you would like to contact us or subscribe to (or unsubscribe from) our mailing list please click here to email us. Subscribing will keep you informed of new releases and updates. We will not supply your email address to anyone else. Feel free to report any bugs or suggestions.